Monday, March 31, 2014

What has slicing taught me?

I am sure that I will forget something, but I am going to use my slice today to attempt to list many of the great advantages of slicing (and some of my new learning too!).
1.  Audience - I love to write with and for other people, but rarely write when it's just for me.  It is ESSENTIAL that my students have an audience for their writing.
2.   Feedback is a must!  After writing my post for the day, I would check my inbox to see if anyone had commented on my post.  It is so exciting to get feedback from others when you are writing.
3.  Feedback does not always elicit revision.  Sometimes feedback is just feedback.  You can revise after receiving feedback, but sometimes you just want to enjoy it.
4.  Don't be too intense about making sure that everyone has walked away with a specific thing each day.  I worry about what the take away is with my students and I am pretty hard on myself.  I think that for awhile anyway, kids need to write to build community, develop an atmosphere of sharing and giving feedback.  They really need to be comfortable and if I am sitting next to them asking them what they learned about writing that day (or sometimes telling them), it can suck the joy out of writing.
5.  You can use any container for any topic.  I learned this when I was in the writing project, but really noticed the truth of this statement as I was writing.
6.  Writing is fun!  It doesn't have to be laborious.
7.  Ralph Fletcher was right all those years ago when he said to write what matters.  Those topics tend to flow.
8. I CAN write for 31 days in a row!!!!   I LOVE TO SLICE!!!  :)

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