Friday, March 21, 2014

Ready for Spring!!!

My daughter Emma and I traveled to South Carolina on Wednesday for her best friend's graduation from basic training.  It was a whirlwind trip, lasting only two days.  We were in South Carolina long enough to get my first taste of spring!  It is amazing how just that little time changed my energy level and my interest in the outdoors.  When I got home from work today, I crashed on the couch from the exhaustion from the trip, but after a few hours of vegging out, I was ready for more spring!  Luckily, the weather here in Ohio was cooperating a bit with 61 degree temperatures (briefly).  :)
I started by setting the table and chairs up on the deck.  Then, getting into it, I cut a vine back off of the deck.  I cleaned out the fire pit, started a fire, and burned the trimmings.  That was enough for one night, but I am ready for more!  Bring it on spring!  :)

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  1. Keith and I built a fire tonight too. Can I just say that you are a great mom! That's a wonderful memory that Emma will have forever. Enjoy your break.