Sunday, March 9, 2014

Maybe a little later...

I grew up hearing stories about my mom and her cousins.  I LOVED story time!  :)  One of my favorite stories involves my mom, her sister Millie, their cousins Marion Marie and Baby Al. 
My mom and her sister and her cousins were often up to "no good'.  They didn't have video games or tv to entertain them so they entertained themselves.  One day, they decided to sneak my grandma's cigarettes out of her purse and have a try themselves.  They walked up and over a hill so that they wouldn't be seen (or smelled) by their mothers.  When they had smoked all of the cigarettes, they sent Baby Al to get some more.  Al promptly walked up over the hill and into the house to tell his mother (my great aunt) and my grandma (Aunt Titter) that the girls were out of cigarettes and that they would like some more.  The grown ups ran to where the girls were and dragged them home, made them sit at the table and smoke cigarette after cigarette until they felt ill.  The funniest part is that my mom and Marion Marie both declined when asked if they would like another, but my Auntie Millie said, "Not just now, but maybe a little later." 


  1. These stories matter. Glad you are recording them here.

  2. My dad is writing down all of his stories, and my daughters love it when I share mine. Isn't it great to have this tool where we don't have to worry about losing them in the piles we often collect? Keep up the record-keeping!

  3. Reading your wonderful memories makes me sad I didn't record my grandparents' stories before they passed, and determined to get as many details from my parents and in-laws while they can still tell their stories. Thanks for that!