Monday, March 10, 2014

Dumb Debbie

My sister and I shared most of our toys when we were little.  There were some toys that did not officially belong to either my sister or me, but we did claim some of them.  My sister decided to take a doll I firmly believed belonged to me to school.  She wrote the letters SS on the doll.  When I saw this, I was really infuriated.  I screamed, I cried and then I scrubbed the doll until you could barely see the SS.  Then...  I took the biggest, fattest, darkest marker I could find and I wrote DD.  My sister saw those two bold letters and she laughed and laughed (still laughing to this day).  I didn't understand initials yet, so I thought my sister had written SS for Sandie Sandie.  Well, that's how I got the nickname Dumb Debbie.  :)


  1. That cracks me up. Poor girl. Maybe I'll start calling you Debbie Debbie. :)

    1. Ha! Ha! That's what my sister started calling me after she got in trouble for the dumb Debbie. :)

  2. This is funny. As I was reading your slice, images of my mom's own doll -- whom I named 'Samuel' -- came to mind. 'Samuel' was a girl and fit so nicely into my dolly high chair...which then became the first part of my beautician set-up. Poor Samuel. Poor dollies with marker initials! Thanks for the laugh :).