Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Inappropriate Laughter

My family had been out to dinner at Max and Erma's.  We had a great time and we all joked around on the way to the car.  I couldn't have been that old... maybe 8.  My little brother was 4.  He was the cutest little kid!  He had REALLY big blonde hair (my mom could not bring herself to cut his curls), big blue eyes and this mole on his perfect white cheek, nose sprinkled with freckles.  He almost always wore soccer socks pulled up to his knees.
My mom always paid close attention to my brother and his whereabouts because he usually wasn't where he was supposed to be.  I don't know what happened, but I think she must have been distracted because after we all (or so we thought) got in the car and my dad started pulling away, I felt an emptiness in the seat next to me.  I looked over to see my brother, white knuckled, holding onto the seat of the car and the car door, legs moving so fast they looked like Flinstone feet!!!  His eyes were huge and I could see the fear on his face.  I wanted to tell my dad to stop, that Greg was not in the car and that he was running as fast as he could, holding on for dear life!  All I could do was...  LAUGH!!!!
I tapped my sister, who finally yelled, "DADDY!!!!!  GREG IS NOT IN THE CAR!!!!  STOP!!!!!!"  Thank goodness for my sister and her cool head!  My dad stopped the car.  My mom jumped out of the car, swooped Greg into her arms and our baby boy was safe.  :)
My baby brother Greg and my daughter Emma


  1. That is funny in the fact that we have all been there, and that he is safe. : )
    I did that in a couple's thing at church - I couldn't stop, then others around me started laughing. It was embarrassing but funny. Thanks for sharing that post.

  2. That is too funny. I love the imagery in your description of your brother and his Flinstone like running. I still laugh at inappropriate times. My husband tells me that I am soooo middle school. Oh well, when that's where I spend my time, that's my level of humor.

  3. Oh my gosh Deb. Almost the exact same thing happened to my sister and we still laugh hysterically about it. The best thing was after my mom stopped and Susan got into the car all scraped and bruised my mom said, "Don't tell your grandmother. It will only upset her." Now, how my grandma wasn't going to notice my sister all scraped up and bloody, I'm not sure. :) I am so enjoying your stories.

  4. What an image you created with your words! Oh my.