Thursday, June 20, 2013

Why Blog?

I told my husband that I started a blog.  I actually considered not telling him, but I didn't want him to be the last to know.  :)  He asked me why I am blogging.  He even told me that no one blogs anymore.  Well, I don't know the national or international blogging averages, but I do know that it's fun!  So, my answer to my husband or anyone else asking is, why not? 
My brother was recently talking about my niece and he said that she will talk to anyone.  She'll talk to people in line.  She'll talk to people in the store... anyone.  I think I am a bit like my niece and I always have been.  :)  I love to interact with people.  I am always asked by my children, "Do you even know them?". 
I also blog (yea, I blog now) because I have a million stories and ideas that I would love to share.  I have experiences that can potentially help others or give people food for thought.  :)  We all have something to offer.  I am just old enough now to want to share them!  LOL  :) 
So, I guess that's it...  I want to connect with others, share my thoughts and experiences and hope that they might help another human being.  :)


  1. I for one, am glad that I can stay connected to your humor and WIT on a regular basis now!

  2. Deb~ I am so happy you have joined the world of bloggers, I mean all the cool and really smart people are doing it! (at least the ones left are the cool and smart ones..teehee!) AND you have great things to share and I want to hear them all!