Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Loving this crazy life!!!!

Hi everyone! 
I am taking a digital writing class this week and I am being (strongly) encouraged to start my own blog.  You need to live the life of a digital writer so that you can teach others, right?  :)  Well, here I am .  I labored over the title of the blog and over the content of the blog.  Well, if you have known me for very long, you know that I am pretty much not a private person.  I am a strong believer in that we are all doing the best we can at any given time (at least we should be) and we need to do it together.  I don't mean that we should be in one another's business.  I only mean that we should be there for one another.  One way that I am sure that I am there for others is to let people know my story.  That's how you discover that you have something in common.  You hear someone else's story and you identify with that person.  :) 
I am a teacher and a mother and I wondered what I should post about.  Well, that's why I ended up with a blog title called Loving La Vida Loca.  I love my crazy life!  I am over 40 and I don't feel the need to keep anything secret from anyone.  Well...  maybe some things... :)  LOL 
I have three wonderful children whom I love very, very much.  My oldest just graduated from high school and will be heading off to my alma mater in the fall. It's my husband's alma mater too, but this blog isn't really about him...  :)  He would kill me if it was...  :)  My middle child is also a really cool kid.  He has a great heart and he loves animals and children.  He can literally make any baby smile.  He is a junior in high school.  My baby is 9.  She can probably tell you how many minutes it will be until she is 10.  She is so excited!  She loves arts and craptastic things (oops!  I meant crafts).  She has great friends and can be happy doing just about anything.  It's probably because I dragged her everywhere with me while the older two were in sports.  :)  It's good for her, right?  Ha ha!  I'll tell her that until I can't anymore! 
So...  that's me.  I'm sure you'll find out soon enough that there is so much more, but if I told you everything in one post, how much fun would that be? 


  1. I love that your personality shines through. When I read it, I could hear the words in your voice :0)

  2. Welcome to the blogging world Deb! I am so excited for you and I know you will love the journey. Like Kate said, I could hear your voice as I read. I'm looking forward to hearing about your crazy life!

  3. Thanks guys! It was really fun! Now the funny part is I have no idea how I got to my blog through google, so I am not sure how to post more! LOL I love that I have friends who know...

  4. We will work on it tomorrow. You crack me up.

  5. What a fun post! Here's the common thread you were talking about -- "let people know my story." Bam. There it is. I LOVE that emphasis on connection and relationships.

    I have some friends back home who have "Pinterest Crap Night" parties. They get together and make crafts they found on Pinterest -- sounds like something your little pumpkin would enjoy ;)

    I look forward to following your journey!

  6. I almost chose your exact theme and color scheme! Will post my new blog on our community too. I want to come to Craptastic Night. It's been too long since my Girl Scout days with Julie. Our little blogs will grow up together...good luck!

  7. Debbie,
    Yay! I know you were nearly forced to start a blog **wink wink,** but I am glad you did. We all want to be in your business....I mean, have conversations. Your voice will be a wonderful addition to the community. Speaking of voice, I love your writing voice. It is as fun to read your writing as it is to chat with you! Great title----isn't that hard to choose? I look forward to follow your blog to see what other "secrets" you will share.


    1. ***following (commenting from my phone is a challenge for my visual and fine motor skills)

  8. Love it, Deb! This will be as fun as following you on Facebook! I love your crazy life, too! Glad you are willing to share it with us.

  9. I really like your title, Deb, and you have a great voice-very funny and down to earth.
    I'll need your help tomorrow!