Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Old Wooden Sled and a Little Girl

People usually describe me as outgoing, but I remember many times when I craved and enjoyed the quiet of time alone.  When I was little, my mom would let me go sledding any time I wanted to, whether it was dark or not.  She knew I loved it so much and times were different then...  

I could hear the sound
of the old wooden sled
as it slid over the cold, cold snow.

The sky was dark 
and full of stars 
and the biggest moon
you've ever seen.

I stopped
at the top of the hill
and stood silently
listening and looking
at the falling snow.

When it was that quiet
you could hear the snow
hit the ground. 

The sled creaked
under my weight
as my feet settled in
ready for the ride
down the hill.

it cut through the snow
it steered around the corner
bumpity bumpity bumpity bump
it flew over the uneven ground
the old wooden sled.


  1. Awesome descriptions! Well done!

  2. I have to ponder more being able to hear snow hit the ground. Your whole piece created a great mental image for me.

  3. Your slice made me think of the fun times with sledding when I was little. Such fun

  4. Beautiful slice. I wonder at the fact that we were so free as children. I love the imagery and peace of your poem. Thanks for sharing.